If your team is indecisive, change the focus …

Frustration, Despair, Delays

  1. Paralysis, where the team simply cannot move forward
  2. Forced decisions, which are taken under acquiesce. These rarely sticks and get reopened time and time again like a unhealed wound. These risk creasting deep scares within the team or even denting stakeholders appetite for Agile.
  3. An increased desire to move back to big up front thinking in an attempt to find the illusive nugget of information that will render the decision obvious

Perhaps a change in focus will help …

  • Type 1: Almost impossible to reverse. “One-way doors” — there is no going back or it is extremely difficult/outside our control. For example, resigning from a company.
  • Type 2: Easy to reverse. “Two-way doors” — doors that we can go back through if needed. For example, trialling a new SaaS provider.

Wrap up



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